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Welcome to the FastEditing Eye!

Welcome to the FastEditing Eye. Grab a cuppa and grab a seat!

Photo by Steven Redmond

Photo by Steven Redmond

After 20 years as an in-house editor and a freelance editor, I'm brimming with enthusiasm, ideas, and tips to pass on to my colleagues—especially new editors, new freelancers, and people in the sweet spot between. I also enjoy sharing lessons I've learned from colleagues who have been in the trenches even longer.

In this new blog, I'll talk about the business of freelance editing and the business of in-house publishing (and why to understand both sides). I'll talk about why it's so important to make ourselves indispensable to our clients, whoever they are.

I'm a techie, so I have a lot to say about software, hardware, and mobileware for helping editors work more efficiently with higher quality.

I'm fascinated by anthologies, translation, and editions. I love authors.

I have an opinion on the Oxford comma (what editor doesn't). But more importantly, I am intrigued by rules, preferences, and language—and how it all evolves over time.

Above all, I love helping my industry and my colleagues. I firmly believe that when we lift one of us, we lift all of us.

So settle in. We have a lot to talk about.


Jeanette Fast Redmond is a development editor, copyeditor, proofreader, and copywriter. She helps Catholic publishers, scholarly/university presses, nonprofits, and their authors to publish material that fulfills their personal, pastoral, and professional missions.

As senior editor for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Jeanette wrote the USCCB Style Guide. She also edited Forgiveness in International Politics, which won second place in the 2005 Catholic Press Association Awards (Pastoral Ministry category). Jeanette knows freelancing from both sides of the table. At the USCCB she was responsible for hiring and training freelance editors, translators, and indexers. Jeanette has also been freelancing since 2001 (full-time since 2010).

Check out the rest of Jeanette's website at FastEditing, ping her on Twitter at @FastEditing, or connect via Facebook and LinkedIn.