Jeanette Fast Redmond

Jeanette’s thoughtfulness and timely responses indicate dedication to her work and respect for colleagues and contractors. She clearly cares about her work and respects those with whom she works.
— John Di Camillo, Ethicist, National Catholic Bioethics Center

About Jeanette

As a class project in grade school, we made up sensational stories to publish as a tabloid newspaper. Because I had access to a computer (still unusual among Catholic school students in the 1980s), I was tapped to be the project’s editor-in-chief, responsible for copyediting and laying out the project for duplication in the school office. I even came up with the tabloid's title: Newsweak.

You know how actors talk about when they were first bitten by the acting bug? Well, that's when I was first bitten by the editing bug. Editing has been my vocation and my avocation ever since.

In college in Kansas, I studied writing, editing, and publishing. I tutored writing and edited two literary journals for the English department. I moved to Washington, DC, for grad school, where I learned how to teach writing as part of my master's in literature. When I graduated, editing jobs were still in-house jobs. The Washington Post had two entire pages of editing jobs in the classifieds, and I landed one of them, becoming assistant editor for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Today I'm not sure you could find two column inches of editing jobs in the classifieds. In today's gig economy, editing is one of the first things that gets outsourced.

Happily, I found out early on that I love running my own business. I thrive on the variety afforded by the different editing needs of different clients.

On a personal note, I'm still an expatriate prairiewoman at heart, with Jane Austen's sense of humor. I enjoy DIY home repair, fiber arts like knitting and crochet, and quiet evenings reading by the fire. In 2016 my family moved to the heart of Civil War country—I am literally down the road from Antietam Battlefield, so I get to indulge my history geekery at lectures about Lee's Maryland Campaign. I'm a trained teacher in the Music Together program for early childhood music education; I also dabble in guitar, baritone ukulele, and mountain dulcimer. You can sometimes find me questing in Lord of the Rings Online (a computer game based on my favorite book of all time? Yes, please). Finally, these days I'm teaching our young daughter to read, usually with one of our three cats looking on.

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