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Freelance development editor, copyeditor, curriculum designer, and writer for Catholic publishers, scholarly presses, nonprofits, and their authors since 1999

Jeanette Fast Redmond is a superior, highly qualified editor who understands the complexity of the editorial process and works in an efficient and effective manner. When editorial questions arise, Jeanette is the first person people seek out.
— Paul Henderson, Executive Director, USCCB Publishing (2000-2010)

Freelance development editor, copyeditor,
curriculum designer, and writer

Serving Catholic publishers, nonprofits, scholarly presses, and their authors since 1999

In today's gig economy, whether you're a publisher, a nonprofit, or an author, you need an experienced, highly qualified, and FAST editor.

  • If you're a CATHOLIC PUBLISHER, you need an editor with doctrinally solid and pastorally sound Church knowledge.

  • If you're a K12 CATHOLIC CURRICULUM PUBLISHER, you need a Catholic editor with special experience developing teacher and student products.

  • If you're a NONPROFIT, you need someone equally adept at striking the right tone and finding that stray typo that will undermine your credibility with your donors and stakeholders—all on budget, with a fast turnaround.

  • If you're an ACADEMIC PRESS, you need an editor with a solid understanding of the book production pipeline, experience editing scholarly books, and the ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically with your academic authors.

  • If you're a SCHOLAR seeking to publish your research, you need an editor who understands your urgent need to publish. You want someone with an advanced academic background, proven ability to edit books and articles alike, and encyclopedic proficiency in both Chicago Manual of Style and the Publication Manual of the APA.

That's where I come in. As a lifelong editor, cradle Catholic, former scholar, and voracious reader with in-house and freelance experience, I can help.

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Jeanette’s skill and knowledge in editorial from developmental to copyediting is broad, precise, clear, and practiced.
— Therese Brown, Executive Director, Association of Catholic Publishers


Catholic Publishers

When you're a Catholic publisher, you need a freelance editor with not only a strong editorial background, but strong Catholic background. As a "cradle Catholic" who grew up in Catholic schools and later spent 11 years editing for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, I deliver that unique combination of publishing expertise and solid doctrinal and pastoral knowledge. How may I be of service?

Scholarly Presses

Just as not every author can write a long work like a scholarly book, not every editor knows how to edit for consistency and coherence over the course of a long work of nonfiction. My own graduate studies and my work for university presses has given me the tools to understand and edit scholarly nonfiction. Contact me to discuss your production editing needs.

K – 12 Catholic Curriculum Publishers

Whether you publish for kindergartners, middle schoolers, or high schoolers, you need someone with experience and intuition to develop religious education products. And you need an editor who understands the requirements of compliance with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. As a former in-house USCCB editor with nearly a decade in freelance instructional design and editing, I understand the unique constraints you must constantly balance. Contact me to discuss how I can help.


Whether you're a recent PhD with the need to "publish or perish," or a tenured academic committed to disseminating the research that makes up your life's work—you need someone who understands the pressures you face. I have helped more than two dozen doctoral candidates defend their theses, and I specialize in editing articles and books. I can help you.


Whether you're a religious or a secular nonprofit, chances are you have to communicate with new and existing donors about your success stories and your ongoing financial needs. I have several years of experience in editing fundraising materials and newsletters for the US Catholic bishops' special campaigns and second collections. Let me help.

Self-Publishing Authors

So far I have focused on the editorial needs of traditional publishing. But don't close your tab if you're planning to self-publish! An editor with professional publishing expertise is just what you need to lend you and your book credibility in today's crowded market. Whether you need assistance shaping a rough manuscript, or you just want someone to polish your nearly finished text with a professional copyedit, give me a call. Let's put my experience to work for you.